If you want to transform your organization’s culture to one that is healthy and respectful, you have to be proactive. You need to identify the things that the people in your organization value in their relationships with each other, and assess the everyday practices of the organization in light of those values. This approach is far more effective than relying only on reactive, punitive measures to achieve cultural change, for example, relying on the complaint and investigation procedures under workplace policies.

This message – that a proactive, relational approach is key to transforming organizational culture – was loud and clear at the International Restorative Conference held in Halifax on June 27 and 28, 2016, an event that brought together delegates and experts from around the world to discuss restorative approaches to culture and climate in education, workplaces and the professions. 

Pink Larkin’s Kim Turner and Gail Gatchalian were pleased to be involved in the organization and delivery of this important conference. Kim co-facilitated a full day workshop, attended by 140 people, devoted to exploring restorative approaches in workplaces and professions. Gail had the pleasure of chairing a panel on “A Restorative Approach at Work,” and also spoke about restoring and transforming workplace relationships through workplace investigations. 

If you or your organization – workplace, non-profit, charity, professional body – want to learn more about proactively building a respectful organizational culture, contact Kim, Gail or Ron Pizzo. We can also facilitate team decision-making on the implementation of restorative approaches, for example, restorative board governance. Stay tuned for more blogs on building respectful workplaces and organizations.