Non-profit and charitable organizations need to be aware of legal implications pertaining to their business, policies and governance conditions.

With experience in employment, human resources, and governance law, we provide assistance to many non-profits, such as charitable organizations, community groups, foundations, service clubs, trade organizations, professional associations, private family charities, recreational clubs and special interest groups.

We also believe strongly in giving back and are proud to serve our communities by participating on boards of directors of non-profit and charitable organizations, as well as volunteering and providing pro bono or reduced-rate services in the non-profit sector.

For example, we help and support:

Adsum House – emergency and affordable shelter for women and children

Scottish Rite Charitable Foundation Learning Centres for Children – free tutoring to children with dyslexia

Symphony Nova Scotia – Nova Scotia’s professional orchestra based in Halifax

Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund – advancing equality rights of women and girls in Canada