Saying goodbye to Sandy McKenna after over thirty years of working together isn’t easy. Sandy began working with the founding members of Pink Larkin at our predecessor firm, Patterson Kitz. She’s been with Pink Larkin throughout its nearly-thirty-year existence, first as an administrative assistant, and later, in her current role as Office Manager. In both roles, she played a profound part in shaping the firm Pink Larkin is today. Her leadership in steering our growth and managing generations of staff and lawyers has been invaluable.

Partner Ray Larkin reflected on Sandy’s contributions to the firm:

“Pink Larkin will not ever be the same with Sandy’s retirement. A key member of the small group who left Patterson Kitz, Sandy was without a doubt the best legal assistant ever in the years before she took on her duties administering the firm as a whole. As legal assistant to Ron Pink she had learned to read his mind in the absence of any intelligible notes or dictation. Her skill at managing Ron’s client communications served her well when she took on organizing all of us with the intelligence and patience required to do that job. She has given us decades of dedication and skill and been a key part of our success. We are very grateful to her. With love and affection, we are sad to see her go but happy that she can move on and enjoy life in retirement.”

Sandy’s humour, warmth, and generosity will be sorely missed by everyone at the firm, but she has our sincere wishes for a healthy, happy retirement. We know that the road ahead for her will be full of wonderful adventures with friends and family, and all the best things life has to offer.